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    The path is not found or not supported. type or select a different path.

    have created new MVC web application in visual studio with Individual account. Every functionality is working fine including Identity and sql localDB.

    But when I add entity framework into my project. It giving me error in dialog box. "The operation could not completed". In output window i saw

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    TF10121: The path '\\D:\c#\2016\testdelete\testdelete\Data\Model1.edmx.diagram' is not found or not supported. Type or select a different path.

    I googled it but everybody giving different solution and those are not working.

    I re-install my visual studio, but same error.

    Do I need to change any path to solve this issue ?

    I have created new solution from scratch, and there is only one project.

    What I have tried:

    VS2010 The operation could not be completed Installed mentioned package. (ASPNET WEB FRAMEWORK TOOL)

    Visual studio was suggested me to install "AspNet5.ENU.RC1_Update1_KB3137909", and I installed this too.

    I am using latest EF.

    I tried to remove project and created new project as mentioned here,
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    All the solutions you have tried are for TFS (Team foundation server) only and it should not work with your case.
    Are you using TFS in your code ?
    Open your SLN file in note pad and check for source file path and check if that path is exist
    additional link for workaround

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    Its happening because of the your Source management (source safe). Following are some tips.

    1. Create new solution
    2. Clear all the files related to your source safe in your existing project.
    3. Delete the yourproject.csproj.user of the exciting project
    4. Add that into the newly created solution.
    5. Clean and build

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