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    Records are being deleted from Live database


    From last few days our subscribers has reported some issue related to records missing in Live database.

    Now again we have the same problem with bunch of users. We have already scanned the delete queries in all the store procedures. Also, we had some doubts that id might be due to a back end application which runs daily. But now we come to know many of the affected users are not using this service.

    Can someone suggest how to identify the cause?

    FYI, the records are missing from reference table not from main table.

    Vivek Sharma
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    This is issue is completely depend on your application. To identify the issue you have to share more information about your table and logic. So that we can identify your issue. The information which you posted is not sufficient for us to identify the issue.

    Are you handling log. first step should be see the log and identify the issue. Or write more logs on related places and you can identify the issue clearly.

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    Without knowing your code it is highly impossible to trace out the error, one way is to use SQL profiler to know which queries are fired on database
    Or I got a link to find user who ran DROP or DELETE statements on your SQL Server Objects, you make check it here
    OR you may set DELETE trigger on said table

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    Hi Vivek,

    Check with your DataBase admin, ask him to check the Logs, you can easily trace who delete that and at what time deleted everything using Logs,

    If you want to know the action, on what basis records gets deleted then you need to check your project full code.

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