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    How to Create Secure API in C# ?

    How to Create Secure API in C# ?

    API Having Encryption and Decryption
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    Please go through this URL, hope you may find all the details:
    Here you will find how to create and secure an API with the help of KEYS:
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    What you exactly mean by "secure API" ? does it should not be reversed engineered ? or what ?
    I think you could use a tool like dotfuscator. Stopping decompiling is probably not possible but making it more difficult to read the decompiled code is certainly possible with such tools.
    There can be other way to take care while code as follows
    -Make all the exposed classes in your DLL as "internal" instead of "public",
    - May be other way is You could host your application logic in the cloud, though that might not suit your scenario
    - Another way is to use OpenKey as Establish authentication using Open Key mechanism. The functions in the DLL will only work if you supply a valid key and the token.

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    Do you have HTTPS?. Once you create the Web API, you have to do the following

    1. Get SSL certificate
    2. Install the certificate on the server where the service resides
    3. Create an HTTPS binding on a service
    Binding a Certificate to the service
    Select Default Web Site and choose Edit site, Bindings... Actions pane
    Click "Add"
    Type: https
    IP address: "All Unassigned"
    Port: 443
    SSL certificate: [you certificate name]
    Click "OK"
    Click "Close"
    4. Browse the site to make sure you can communicate through HTTPS

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