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    Disabled Button, linkbutton, menu links are showing enabled in Firefox

    I am disabling linkbuttons and buttons in my code logic. Some what they are showing as enabled in Firefox. What is the solution for this?
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    Hai Chinnari,
    What code you are writing for enable/disable the controls. It seems the css in the script which you are using is not supporting in other browsers. Try to use the style which will be working for all browsers.
    Also check whether the JavaScript is enabled for the other browser as it might be that the JavaScript is disabled and then it will not work.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    It's looks like Browser compatibility issue, this might be because of Css or Jquery. Please post your enable/ disable controls part of code which you used in your code, based on that we will give some what better solution or else run the application on browser by pressing F12 and rerun the application again and see the errors in console, and post the error details or check it in Google.

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    Hi chinnari,

    First if you are disabling them through JavaScript, use following syntax:
    document.getElementById("id").disabled = "disabled";
    // Or you may use
    document.getElementById("id").setAttribute("disabled", "disabled");
    Second, apply proper browser compatible css so that they will look like they are disabled.
    Hope it helps.
    Shashikant Gurav

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    Are you disabling the Server side control / Client Side Control?. Can you share your code?

    If you are trying from javascript, you can try the following.


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    Are you using JavaScript to disable the buttons? If you are using non-standard code then it may not work in all browsers.

    Please post the code you are using to disable the buttons so that we can quickly check and guide you..

    Asheej T K

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    Please post your code here. Sometimes the code works in some browsers and does not work in others. We might need to add some code for the functionality to work in firefox.
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