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    pdf file is damaged and could not be repaired while using filestream

    Hi Everyone,

    I have uploaded few pdf files using filestream.When I download this some of the pdf files are not opening and it says pdf file is damaged and could not be repaired..May I know what is the reason for its happening only for few pdf and how could I resolve it?

    Please help me
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    Hi Sharmila,

    I don't think so it is happen because of filestream, I guess there might be something different problem. Please check those files before uploaded, whether it's gets open perfectly or not.

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    1. Check did you uploaded correct PDF
    2. Check the upload code. Make sure you are not getting any exception while uploading
    3. Some times while uploading you may get exception. That time the PDF will create with damaged form( 0 bits)

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    It might be due to the security restrictions on the PDF. some of the pdf cannot be ready by filestream if the security is high.
    Check the security settings of the PDF. Also some of the PDF will have images which may not be accessible via filestream

    Asheej T K

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