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    Exchnage edb file and windows edb file

    I want to know the use of .edb file extension in exchange server and windows. Please help to understand it.
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    .EDB files are most commonly used by mailbox data files that have been saved by the Microsoft Exchange Server, EDB is an acronym for Exchange Database. The EDB files are exchange database files that store in-process and non-SMTP messages. These files are formatted using the b-tree structure. Each EDB file has a corresponding STM file which contains the actual SMTP messages.

    Adobe Photoshop also uses the .edb file extension. In the PhotoShop application, the .edb file suffix is used for extended digital books that have been created with the application

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    1. Exchange servers store data in two files: an .edb file and an .stm file.

    2. The mailbox store on an Exchange server uses files named Priv1.edb and Priv1.stm.

    EDB file - Exchange Database file

    It is the main repository of Exchange Server database, designed on single client-server architecture.

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