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    Session expired when redirecting to website from payumoney

    Hii ,
    i am using webapi and mvc ,session Token is expiring after payment done in payumoney
    .but it is happening in some times ,i am using session storage ,i am unable to identify the issue
    please suggest how to fix this issue
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    The default session timeout is of 20 Minutes, does you spend more than 20 minutes in PayUmoney page, if so then it is better to some other technique to store your variable may be ViewData.
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    Go through this article:
    Here author has used Paypal-Rest-API and inside PaymentWithPaypal action, author has done coding to handle the data sendback by Paypal-API after executing payment. You can refer it though you are using PayUMoney.

    Hope it helps.
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    The payUmaney page may take time more than 20 sec. So your session may expired.
    You can increase the session timeout in from your config.

    <sessionState mode="InProc" timeout="30" />

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    May be you are Idle more than session time, may be because of that you got this problem, I request you to please increase your session timeout if needed.

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