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    Need to implement hierarchy like structure

    Hi All,

    I need urgent help. I have to implement something like below-

    There will be one point (suppose company name) after clicking on it, all the branch of the node should open (branches of company). Upon clicking on one branch it should open another view listing all the technology used (by this time other unused node should be closed) and so on.

    Please help me as how I can implement this. Please avoid suggesting Tree View as that is not suitable for our need.

    Thanks in advance.
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    The best alternative to treeview is SiteMap or Menu control, it is good hierarchical controls, and can show navigational path
    May be you can try blow link
    You can use SiteMapPath too, The SiteMapPath control displays the trail (navigation path) to the current page. The path acts as clickable links to previous pages. Unlike the TreeView and Menu control the SiteMapPath control does NOT use a SiteMapDataSource. The SiteMapPath control uses the web.sitemap file by default.

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    We have many controls like site map, tree view etc...
    How you are handling the data. We can have data in various form.

    1. It is the XML you can easily create XML and assign the data source to the controls.
    2. If you are using the SQL Server data base. You have to create corresponding table and create "recursive function" to read the data from the table and create data source and assign to your control

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    you can use jquery for your implementation.
    you may refer this URL [Consist of code and a working demo too]:
    you can try and download any of the best jquery menu styles from this URL and apply them in your application:
    Hope it helps.
    Shashikant Gurav

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