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    Migration of .net framework from 4 to 4.5


    My .Net App is developed on framework 4.0 and now the Prod /Dev machine is migrated to 4.5 so I want to test whether my app in 4.0 works properly on machine where 4.5 is present.

    Approach1- Instal only framework 4.5 (using exe) on DEV machine and test the app.

    Approach2- install visual studio 2013 on DEV and use convert feature of VS.

    Kindly suggest the suitable approach.

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    First thing to know is any version has always backward compatibility of lower version, in simple words .NET framework 4.5 has all classes and namespaces exist which was there in 4.0, so no need to check.
    Still if you want to check then follow below steps

    Which visual studio version is installed on your development machine ? if you have VS2012 then it has inbuilt .NET framework 4.5 support and don't need to install framework again, for VS2010 there is no inbuilt support for framework 4.5 and in that case you can upgrade VisualStudio
    Hope it helps

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    Hai Pramod,
    As this is the windows application so you need to have .Net 4.5 installed to the server system or in the machine where you are going to test the application.
    Hope this will be helpful to you.

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    You are migrate Lower version to Higher version, then there is no issue on that it should support all the features which are avail in Lower version. No need to worry about that, when Microsoft release any new version they must and should support the previous version features too.

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    To avoid any impact of migration to 4.5, do I need to change Machine or web config of my web App so that App points to 4.5 (bcos customer may expect Apps to point to new version).
    so to test this in DEV environment,
    (1) to install framework 4.5
    (2) to change config file to point to 4.5 - want to know is it required.
    Do I need to install visual studio 2013 which will hav everything for 4.5?
    I wanted to Avoid installation of VS2013 so I want to know only above 2 options (point 1 and 2) are sufficient. please suggest.


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