Re: User controls similar to the ASP.Net in ASP.Net MVC

Hello Guys,
I need to design a framework for the custom headers in my application which is using the Visual Studio 2015 and ASP.Net MVC 4 for now.
They are looking for a customized header as per the need basis for the newspapers so that each news paper will have their own style, logo, content, links etc.
For this they are looking a separate component which will have all the logic for rendering the content of the header.
Initially I though to create the _Layoutxxx.cshtml for each of the header but they didn't agree on it.
I have already gone through various web links, articles, other people suggestions on the same but still not able to finalize it. Many are saying to use the partial pages for each of the newspaper but I don't want to use it as it will not be much of the similar to User control.
They are ready to upgrade to the ASP.Net MVC 6.
Recently I gone to the new features of the ASP.Net MVC 5/6 and they said there is View Component which can satisfies these things as per my understanding. Did anyone use View Component and can confirm that whether this will be the best fit for my scenario so that i can go ahead with it.
Thanks in advance.