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    Which port number can be used other than 4370 while connecting to biometric device.

    I am connecting to biometric device using API connect_net() which takes two parameters as ip address and port number. I am using there dll called zkemkeeper.dll .In there SDK there have given default port number as 4370. I want to know if I can use any other port number other than 4370..
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    if you have an option to set the port no. in Bio-metric device then you can set that and use that in your code. or you can set through code too

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    Once you install the "Bio-metric device", there should be the setup for IP and Port number.

    1. Change that IP/Port number in your "Bio-Metric device" using the installed application.

    2. Now you can access from your c# code by using your customized IP/port.

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    Thank you Sri Ram and Nathan for your reply.. My exact issues is that , when i connect to bio-metric device for first time it get connected using some ip and port number 4370 but after disconnecting the connection if I again try to make connect within short time then it does not connect. I checked using netstat cmd in cmd prompt there I found that its going in Time_Wait state..So I wanted to try using another port number..If you have any ideas about how to solve this issue please let me know..

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    Hai Aniket,
    I think uninstall the libraries of the Bio-metric device and then try to install again. It should have the option to change the port numbers and the same port number will be used for connection.
    They might have given the default but it can always be changed.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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