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    How to get permanent job in software company


    If one developer is working as contractual for the last one year in software companies,then how he will get permanent job in software company.What he will do for this ?
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    Hi Rama.

    Mostly people who want to get in to software industry without wasting time after their graduation or post graduation will try for permanent positions, in worst cases they prefer to join for contract basis also.
    It doesn't mean that they won't get permanent opportunities. If you are good in subject over the contract period and perform well you will get permanent position.
    Use the contract experience and update your resume and this time you clearly mention that you will join only if the position is permanent.
    Its not a big deal to get job if are technically strong.
    Start attending more and more interviews the success follows you.
    All the best...

    Sridhar Thota.
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    Its up to the company policy, most of the time it is upon employee performance, my friend had same case couple of year ago and he was taken on pay roll.
    In simple words give your best performance, you will fnd yourself on company payroll soon.

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    Hi Rama,

    Same problem faced by many freshers, I'm too face the same problem when I was joined as a fresher, their is 50 - 50 chances to get permanent in same organization; my suggestion is rather than thinking about that gain some knowledge and gain some experience minimum 2 years and then search out in out side definitely you will get permanent position, that is not an big issue.

    Give respect to your work, Instead of trying to impress your boss.

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    Hai Rama,
    Yes, I agree that now a days many companies prefer to take the candidates on the Contract role and after few months, if they feel that the candidate is good then only they take them as on their payroll.
    But anyway, its all depends on your effort which you put in the company and also try it outside for other organizations. If you are good in the subject, you can get job anywhere as permanent.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

    Pawan Awasthi(DNS MVM)
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    nowadays job seekers must know the backdoor opening will play the important role in IT industry so many hr are doing backdoor and earn more money so they didnt like front door and campus selection. Its true or false ?. Any one answer my question i am facing the problem for past 4 months.


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    Hi Rama,

    if they just want to "try before they buy", that means many times they hire employees on contract basis,they judge their performance,if they found it good then they provide permanent offer to employees.

    So joining a firm on contract basis is not bad.If you good knowledge base then you need not have to worry about whether it is contract or permanent position.You will get plenty of opportunities on the basis of knowledge that you pertain.

    Do your best and get it done permanent!!! :-)

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    Hi blackcaps,

    May be it is happen for small level companies, in MNC I guess they strictly follow rules and regulations, they have to submit the selected Candidates list to Top level Management and while they place the candidate in project they will arrange client interviews at that time they will defiantly share your details to client, So as per my knowledge in MNC it is some what difficult.

    Before switching to Backdoor option, rethink once again, because it is too risk.. there is no guarantee for your money. It is like head & tail method, rather than pay money in single step, ask them to deduct from your monthly salary. May be they show you offer, after that company found that you are fake then what you can do? that time it will create big problem, and your money also not come back. So, rather than wasting time to go like this, my suggestion is learn any new technologies which is available in present market. and highlight the same in your Resume, that will give you good impact to your profile. Try this, if you still not satisfied then final decision is upto you.

    Give respect to your work, Instead of trying to impress your boss.

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    Hi Rama,
    Most of time, if your performance is good then company itself will offer you a permanent position.If they do not have any position available currently then you should look for another job immediately. Mostly a month before your contract ends you should have a talk with your superiors about extending a contract. If they refuse immediately start preparing for interviews.

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    There is not issue whether he is working on permanent or temporary. If he has good knowledge and if he can expose his knowledge in the interview he can get the job easily. Lot of companies have lot of vacancies but there are looking for good and right person. Lot of people are search the job for in good company.

    According to his knowledge he can get good job easily. Preparation and expose his knowledge in the interview is important. Lot of not IT guys are shine in the IT Companies. Lot of IT guys still searching the job. All are about his effort which he put of searching job.

    By Nathan
    Direction is important than speed

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    if any one is hard worker and sincere with job and work... i think he is permanent employ of company

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