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    How to check VB Script is running or not?

    Hi Friends,

    Am working in classic ASP site.

    I have to check whether my VB Script is working or not. I used the below code to print a message which is placed inside of "IF" condition to check IF is working or not. But the below code is not working, which mean its not printing message. how to check my VB Script is working or not?

    1. WScript.Echo "Code Working"

    2. Dim msg="Code is working"
    MsgBox msg

    But both of the above is not working.
    Any idea for the above?

    Thanks in advance.
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    see below code snippet
    <script language="vbscript">
    function lenchk(len1)
    if len1 <> "" and not IsNumeric(len1) then
    alert("Value Should Be Numeric")
    lenchk = 0
    lenchk = len1
    end if
    end function
    //you can call it on button click
    < input type="button" value="Submit for Approval" name="btnchange" onclick="lenchk('test')%>')">

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