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  • Category: ASP.NET

    Gridview button click popup issue

    In gridview one column having link button on click of that firing rowcommand event , I am showing values in modal pop extender like ();
    inside gridview rowcommand event.
    now problem is I have one more button outside gridview, when I click on that after that popup my code enters into notispostback inside page_load . how to avoid entering into notispostback. can anyone help on this? ?
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    Hi naresh,

    I'm not sure, I didn't check this but my guess is once you close the popup it consider the page request is new request so that it enters into inside IsPostback, if you want to restrict this I suggest you to handle the Ispostback using your code by declaring the boolean property / hidden value and maintain that Postback condition.

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    Hi naresh,

    You can write return false; as a last line inside a javascript method on OnClientClick() event of 2nd button.

    Hope it helps.
    Shashikant Gurav

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