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    How to connect and access data from my sql server?

    I am working on one small project , which is build in C# windows form application.
    and uses Sql server 2008 , now i am currently testing all things in sql server but when i install this application to client side who uses my sql database. then how my application works on there my sql database - i have userid , password and server name all information which is necessary for connection . but Is my application working on there database?

    please answer i have huge doubt about this?
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    You can connect the My SQL from C# and access the database.
    But you have to handle it in your application. We do not know how you coded . If you coded 3 tire, Entity frame work etc. It will be easy to handle it.

    1. You have to do and the DB related work for my sql server.
    2. If you are doing the inline query in your BOL it will be difficult to handle it. Because SQL Server and MY Sql syndex are different.

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    I found i have to change all objects also like SqlConnection to MySqlConnection and connection string parameters also changed.

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    Hai Priyanka,
    Yes, you need to change it to OleDb/Odbc to work with MySql or other databases and then you can use the connection string to connect with the MySql database.
    You can get the connection string formats from the below link:

    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    Hi Priyanka,

    Your application works fine without any issues, when you gave to client you provide the URL of the site. Once you hosted in Server IIS it will consider the server information only, you need not worry about that.

    I hope you got my point.

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