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    How to generate ER diagrams in sqlserver 2008 r2

    i want to generate er diagrams for all tables could you please help me how can i generate

    i tried through google but i m unable to do ....

    Advance thanks for reply
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    By using "Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio" you can create the ER Diagram.

    1. Open "Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio"
    2. Connect your Sql Instance
    3. Open the data base
    4. Set all he Primary and Foreign keys for your tables.
    5. Right click the Database Diagrams
    6. Select New Database diagram
    7. Add all the tables.

    Your ER Diagram is ready.

    By Nathan
    Direction is important than speed

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    i tried that way but getting error database diagrams support objects cant not be installed like

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    Can you try the following?. May be you do not have the access.

    1. Select your database >> Right Click >> Select Properties

    2. Select FILE
    3. You can see the OWNER box -> Select(...)
    4. Select user 'sa' or NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM and click OK.

    By Nathan
    Direction is important than speed

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    Hi we are able to generate but it is showing only column name data type value length nothing is there it wll come like that or what??

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    Set the Primary and Foreign key relationship for your tables. So that you can see the relationship between the tables.
    By Nathan
    Direction is important than speed

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    Hai Chanti,
    To generate the database diagram, you need to have the permission so the user which you are using for the database operations should have admin permission to create the DB diagrams.
    Once you have the admin permission, you can generate it easily. There is nothing to do else.
    Better to open the database in Windows Authentication so that you can do this.
    Connect with the database server --> Expand your database
    There should be the option for database diagram.
    Right click and create new--> it will ask for the tables to add --> select all and then click OK.
    It will generate all the tables diagrams.
    Save the file.
    Also once all the tables gets imported, you can choose their relationships as well.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

    Pawan Awasthi(DNS MVM)
    +91 8123489140 (whatsApp), +60 14365 1476(Malaysia)

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