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    How to show the data like site. Which technology the used?

    Hello all,

    Please suggest me how to show the data like site.
    One way to use SPA approach. Please share in details with some sample.
    Reply will be appreciated.
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    Please give more details. Where and how you want to show the data? If you want to show it in gridview then you need to use template field and in item template and put a link button or hyperlink and bind its url like as <%#''+Eval("field").ToString()%>
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    Hai Sudhanshu Pal,
    As the website is static so it hardly matters what technology will be used. I think the better and simplest would be word-press where you can find plenty of templates to use and it will be less work to do and create the whole application in less time. If you will use any server side technology, it will be slow and will take more time to load the website.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    If you are using Microsoft technologies you can chose any one of the following way.

    1. If you want to go for web application. You can try the URL rewriting. For this you have to handle the Page Init and Dispose method and also all the module in the web.config. (You can find lot of resource about this)

    2. You can go for MVC.

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