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    Embedding external web site in the existing

    Hi All,

    I have requirement to integrate the link of new web application in the existing one. The new application need to secure and share UserID from the parent one.

    How to achieve this requirement

    Shall we supply UserId from parent site in encrypted form as Query string and further log this information in the new site.
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    Yes you can use query string for sending user id.

    But if you want to send user id and password, do not send both through the query string .

    Are you handling the user session in the database.

    It your are handling it. you can send user id and session through the query string. Check the session is valid fro that user. It it is valid you can use it.

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    You can send the user information through query string but remember one thing, user information is secure part while sending through query string encrypt and then send.

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