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    Member Of Month Award 9th in a row from DNS

    Hi DNS'ians.

    Am thankful for Webmaster's and Editor's for electing me as a member of month consecutively 9 times.
    The journey with DNS has started on 2/12/2013 as a learner.
    Later on I started my active participation from April - 2015 for which I was awarded member of month April - 2015, thus the award continued so far.
    I have improved my knowledge in dot-net technologies and improved the way of accumulating the content and presenting it in the form of articles.
    I have written few articles in DNS which are very much useful for the beginners and I have answered most of the questions asked in the forum section and awarded with "enthusiastic" badge .
    Am thankful for Mr.Tony and Mr.Asheej TK who believed in me and gave me an opportunity of editor for the forums section.
    Thanks one and all for all your support.
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    Congrats Sridhar, you really deserve it. Keep contributing and keep gaining more and more awards.
    Expecting much from you. Have a fun blast

    Editor, DotNetSpider MVM
    Microsoft MVP 2014 [ASP.NET/IIS]

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    Hi Sridhar.

    Its nice to see a person got continuously 9 time member of month award.. you deserve it.
    Your contents are good, I have gone through Your articles they are well posted with good English.

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    First of all congratulations sridhar, DNS is the best place to improve our skills as well as getting appreciation.

    Keep maintain this track, this will help you in future.

    All the best...

    Give respect to your work, Instead of trying to impress your boss.

    Blog :

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    Hello Sridhar,

    Congratulations on adding another feather in your cap.

    Keep rocking...

    By Nathan
    Direction is important than speed

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    Thanks @prasad and other friends for your appreciation and encouragement.
    Sridhar Thota.
    Editor: DNS Forum.

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