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    .net quick new learner

    what is .net ? why we should go throw it than other programming languages?
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    In simple words it programming framework created by Microsoft that developers can use to create applications more easily, it has large rich control set to develop software and number of good namespaces and classes to interact with wide range of devices.
    It has good features like Data Structures, IO management, Windows and Web Controls, Database access, Multithreading, Remoting, Reflections.
    We can build various application types using .NET like
    Console applications, Windows GUI applications, ASP.NET, applications – web applications, XML Web services, Windows services.
    you can use it very easily.

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    Hai Arjun,
    .net(Dot Net) is the network enabled technology developed by Microsoft to create many different types of applications like Console Applications, Windows Applications, Web applications, Mobile Applications, Web Services, Windows Services and many other types of application using a single platform.
    The most useful way in developing the applications is that there are many inbuilt controls which can be directly dragged and drooped in to the Windows, We or Mobile forms to create the applications in less time as compare to other similar technologies.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    There are 1000s of point to go for .net. But I can tell some points

    1. language is not an issue to develop any application. If you know any language like c#, VB, J# etc..
    (It will support more 150 languages. We donot worry about the compiler depending on the language)

    2. It is not a language. It is platform.

    3. We do not worry about the memery managment. It will take care automatically.

    4. CLR,CTS are playing the core role in the .net framwork.

    5. Deployment is very simple.

    6. JIT playing powerfull role. We do not worry about the 32bit, 64 bit etc..

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    Q) What is .net?
    A) for this one one user given one one definition in their own words, all are right, whenever we want to implement an application using some technology first we will check that which technology, at that time in our mind again one more question old technology or new technology, always suggested new one because it's giving more features, when Microsoft introduced .net there is no huge competition, JAVA only ruling the Globe, after Microsoft Launches .net with different approaches like Forms, Windows, Web etc...

    Now, we move to your second question.

    2) Why .net still we have other technologies?
    A) We all of know that, long back on wards JAVA is ruling the industry, but to complete the project Technology alone not enough we need to consider various points ex DataBase, here I have a doubt for example after prepare project and surrender to customer, they are facing some critical problem, even people who involved in development they couldn't find the exact problem, that might be some issue with software which they develop then whom they may contact either JAVA related software people or Database related people. This problem not only for JAVA, for other technologies also may face this type of problem long back, after Microsoft introduced .net, since database also developed by Microsoft if they may face any typical issues they can directly contact Microsoft without blaming others. This is the one of the best approach, since we are in development past 10 years on wards I have seen lot of changes in technology wise.

    Whatever I said that is up to my knowledge, I won't blame JAVA people, that's I given for example, for each and every technology there are some advantages as well as some disadvantages. while implement project we have to look, whether this technology meets our expectations or not. That is what we will consider, if it's meets then we need not worry about the disadvantages.

    Hope this will helpful to you..

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    Hi Arjun.

    I don't know why people want to learn things quickly, You are trying to learn dotnet in less time which is the basement for the future.
    We will spend much time in other things but we don't give proper time which is future for us.
    People get bother about spending time to learn technologies rather they spend more time after completion of course with out any job.
    So I strongly recommend you to learn things perfectly which makes you get job sooner.
    Join any of the software institute they will explain you everything about programming languages and why dot net ?, why java? More over you will get a chance to ask as many doubts as possible to make things clear.
    If you want job sooner learn dotnet slower.
    "slow and steady wins the race"
    "direction is important than speed"

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    .NET is a business strategy from Microsoft and it's a collection of programming backing for different services. Microsoft will likely give individual and business clients with a consistently inter-operable and Web-empowered interfaces for applications and figuring devices and to make processing activities progressively Web browser-oriented.
    But, still most of the people prefer other languages because ASP.NET appears quite tough for a few of the people. Most of the people still prefer JavaScript, HTML, PHP to get easy understanding. But, .NET who is using, will definitely opt for this only.

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