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    Window Form Application not working

    I'm using Studio Express 15 to create windows Form application and build it. This application just contains two textboxes and a button. That's it.

    It is working fine in my pc. But it doesn't work in my colleague's pc. If i start to type in any of those two textboxes then the whole form will get stuck and disappear.

    This is scenario of my problem.
    I hope someone will suggest me.

    Looking forward to your reply.

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    To run .NET application framework is most important thing, please elaborate some doubts
    What .NET framework version you have used ? does it installed on your friend machine ?

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    Hi Selvan.

    That might be problem with your colleague system, have tried in some other machines?
    Basically now a days when ever you install any applications on windows dot net framework is getting installed with out our notice.
    So I don't think the problem is with dot net framework.
    As you said while you are writing something it gets struck mean while have you checked some other applications so that you can know problem is with visual studio or problem with machine.

    Sridhar Thota.
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    1. Is it 64bit / 32 bit
    2. Build the exe in your box and try to run the same one in your college system and check whether it is working. it its working fine there is an issue in VS environment.

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    Hai Selvan,
    To run the windows application, you need to have the .net Framework which should be compatible with the application you have developed to all the machine you are going to run the application.
    So you probably need to check the .Net framework version in to your friend's machine and then you can run the application well.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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