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    Is .Net 4.5 version supports Oracle.DataAccess.dll

    Dear Friends,

    Is .Net 4.5 version supports Oracle.DataAccess.dll?
    and also which is easy and best version of .net to migrate from .net 1.1?

    since I am migrating .net 1.1 to .net 4.5 where used in Oracle.DataAccess.dll component.
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    Yes, .NET 4.5 supports Oracle.DataAccess.dll, basically when you installing Oracle on your machine and if your machine have .NET framkework 4.5 already installed then you can see Oracle.DataAccess.dll in your GAC(c:\windows\assembly) folder
    Other wise you can download it from below location

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    Hai Ramesh,
    Yes, there is the compatible version available for the .Net 4.5 version which can be downloaded from the below link:

    You need to go to the Download section and download the compatible version.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    Net 4.5 version will support Oracle.DataAccess.dll

    It is compatible for Oracle.

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