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    Need MVC interview question collection

    Hi All,
    I m preparing for mvc interview ,till I searched in web i can get like some important 10 question or important 30 questions only...So can anybody post full collection of MVC interview questions for 2 + years experience level..It will great helpful for me...

    Thanks in advance
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    Hi ramesh kumar.

    As you are in need of 2+ years experience I think 30+ important questions are more than enough to crack interview. And those covers most of the mvc syllabus.
    As you said you searched in web you might have got different questions in different searches you made.
    So prepare concept wise not question wise and practice the mvc applications without using scaffolding.
    Some important things to cover in mvc are below.
    1.Advantages and disadvantages of mvc.
    2.Action & non action methods.
    3.Routing in mvc.
    4.Action filters.
    5.Get and post methods in mvc.
    6.Using ajax call.
    7.Strongly typed and non strongly typed views.
    8.Difference between viewbag,viewdata and tempdata. (authentication, authorization and identity) in mvc.
    10.Data annotations(validations in mvc).
    11.crud operations using entity framework.
    12.Javascript calls and validations using javascript or jquery

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    Hi Ramesh,

    You need to concentrate on below questions.

    1) What is MVC?
    2) What is the difference between WebApplication and MVC?
    3)Life Cycle?
    4)Latest Version Features?
    5)HTML Helper ?
    7)Partial Views?
    8)Action Filters?
    9) Bundling & minifications?
    10) Scaffolding?

    Apart from the above refer below link here they will give you full list around 30+ questions with full description, may be this link will help you a lot.

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    Hai Ramesh Kumar,
    There are many links you can find in the internet for the ASP.Net MVC related questions and answers but all of them are not good.
    Below is the link which you can find for the ASP.Net MVC related questions and answers:

    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    Following are some FAQ in MVC Interviews

    What are the 3 main components of an ASP.NET MVC application?

    In which assembly is the MVC framework defined?

    Is it possible to combine ASP.NET webforms and ASP.MVC and develop a single web application?

    What does Model, View and Controller represent in an MVC application?

    What is the greatest advantage of using mvc over webforms?

    Which approach provides better support for test driven development - ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NET Webforms?

    What are the advantages of ASP.NET MVC?

    Is it possible to share a view across multiple controllers?

    What is the role of a controller in an MVC application?

    Where are the routing rules defined in an MVC application?

    Name a few different return types of a controller action method?

    What is the significance of NonActionAttribute?

    What is the significance of ASP.NET routing?

    What are the 3 segments of the default route, that is present in an ASP.NET MVC application?

    ASP.NET MVC application, makes use of settings at 2 places for routing to work correctly. What are these 2 places?

    What is the adavantage of using ASP.NET routing?
    What are the 3 things that are needed to specify a route?

    Is the following route definition a valid route definition?

    What is the use of the following default route?

    What is the difference between adding routes, to a webforms application and to an mvc application?

    How do you handle variable number of segments in a route definition?

    What are the 2 ways of adding constraints to a route?
    1. Use regular expressions
    2. Use an object that implements IRouteConstraint interface

    Give 2 examples for scenarios when routing is not applied?

    What is the use of action filters in an MVC application?

    If I have multiple filters impleted, what is the order in which these filters get executed?

    What are the different types of filters, in an mvc application?

    Give an example for Authorization filters in an mvc application?

    Which filter executes first in an mvc application?

    What are the levels at which filters can be applied in an mvc application?

    What filters are executed in the end?

    Is it possible to cancel filter execution?

    What type of filter does OutputCacheAttribute class represents?

    What are the 2 popular mvc view engines?

    What symbol would you use to denote, the start of a code block in razor views?

    What symbol would you use to denote, the start of a code block in aspx views?

    In razor syntax, what is the escape sequence character for @ symbol?

    When using razor views, do you have to take any special steps to proctect your mvc application from cross site scripting (XSS) attacks?

    When using aspx view engine, to have a consistent look and feel, across all pages of the application, we can make use of master pages. What is master pages equivalent, when using razor views?

    What are sections?

    What are the file extensions for razor views?

    How do you specify comments using razor syntax?

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    Go through the below points
    - What is ASP.NET MVC ?
    - What are the features of ASP.NET MVC?
    - What is Routing in ASP.NET MVC?
    - How to navigate from One view to another ?
    - What is VIEWDATA in ASP.NET MVC ?
    - What is VIEWBAG in ASP.NET MVC ?
    - What is TEMPDATA in ASP.NET MVC ?
    - How to transfer values in ASP.NET MVC between Controller and View ?
    - Is TempData can persist values between multiple request ?
    - Can i use ASP.NET MVC in Windows application
    What is Razor in ASP.NET MVC ?

    I have write some about it, you can check on below link

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    Thanks all for the response.....

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