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    Way to Earn money DNS.

    What are section need to post and how to earn more money.
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    You can earn money on DNS with different ways
    - Using reward programs
    - using Revenue share on each month end
    - using Article posting
    I have write an article about revenue share and cash credit, in that article i explained How to earn more Points and Revenue share by posting articles in Dotenetspider resource section. I have seen many member who post articles on DNS but unable to collect many points. This article will help you make your article popular and search engine friendly
    see below link

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    Thank you.

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    Hai Rajesh,
    There are may things, you can post to the website- like Articles, Question, provide answers to the forum questions, post jobs etc.
    Earning money depends on the contribution in these sections. If you post a good article, you can get the points as well as the cash credit to your account. If you provide good answers, you can the points as well as cash credit to the same.
    Also in a month, you are top 5 contributor, you can get the revenue sharing amount as well..
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    Hi rajesh,

    If you want to earn money from DNS, then you need to contribute your self by answering others posts in your own words with technical key words at the same time you can contribute by writing articles too, these 2 sections are major apart from the above you can explore your self by posting jobs etc...

    After your contribution then our webmaster review your posts and based on your monthly points they consider top 5 members and share 2500 to top 5 members based on their contribution and reward points.

    Hope this will helpful to you...

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    Hi Rajesh.

    I have seen you posting many questions in the forum regarding the revenue,rank and how to get more points. All these questions are answered by Mr.Raghav(webmaster) in his post "
    New Members FAQ" in the below link

    Please read the post you will understand everything. Still you have any doubts after reading that post, then you can post your question.

    Sridhar Thota.
    Editor: DNS Forum.

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