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    Classic asp connection with Oracle

    Hi ,

    I try to run classic asp application connected to Oracle database in Windows 2008 server. But it failed to connect oracle 11g.


    Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle error '80004005'

    ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified


    Getting above error during oracle connection string execution.

    please share if you have any idea
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    There are couple of reason behind 80004005 error code
    - I think you need to register OraOLEDB.dll as 32 bit., using regsvr32 command run as Adminstrator
    Run as Admin at
    Command Prompt > regsvr32 c:\oracle\product\1120\client_1\bin\OraOLEDB11.dll
    Another way is to use 'adsutil' exe see below link
    Other way is to create userDSN and connect with that DSN to asp application

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    1. Connection string has to be changed 2. in SQLServer, if you use stored procedure to return a resulset, Then that part you have to re write that stored procedure inside of Packages and in ASP you have to call differently! 3. If you have any caliculations in ASP with Number fields in Oralce, then in-order to do caliculations you have to convert them using cint or cdouble, then only ASP can able to do caliculations! [This you have to do if you use MSDAORA to connect to oracle DB] 4. If you have multiple text fieldes in a table in SQLSErver, then you have to BLOB in Oracle, But Blob is not supported with MSDAORA, for that you have to use oracle dirver to access the related pages which needs/uses blob. There is an other way is, Oracle LONG is also equalent to text of sqlserver. But you can use only one long field in a table. That's a limitation in oracle. If you use LONG, then you can still use MSDAORA to connect to DB These are all the problems/things I changed when we migrate our apps from SQLServer to Oracle! Hoping I covered all major things!

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    Hai Asha,
    It seems that there is the issue with the tns name. You need to set the configuration for the tns name in the system and then you can try out.
    Below is the link where you can find the work around to resolve the issue:

    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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