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    Best way to update the tables for more than 20 lacks records

    HI i have 20 lacks records in each 3 tables i want to update one column data in one table value based on 3 tables condition ..

    can any one help me out for best way to update .. when table has 50 lacks of records ..

    performance wise which is the best way to update table
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    There are some fundamentals of UPDATE query that you need to take care of,
    -Choose column in WHERE condition having indexes
    - Choose column in WHERE condition having numeric first and then varchar
    - Rebuilding of your clustered index may make your UPDATE query faster

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    Hai Amjad,
    First of all get the record which is going to be updated and then update it.
    So first use the Select statement to get the record/records which will be updated.
    Secondly, you can update these records.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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