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    How to add values in 2 different checkedlistbox page load using jquey


    i have two checkedistbox on my page.i am getting data from database and bind to checklistbox work fine..if i added any one of the checklistbox .but when we get data from both .then it will shown only one data values in checklistbox.

    what shall i do

    thank you in advance


    abhijit patil
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    Hi Abhijit,

    If you bind to checkboxlist then it should bind for both, without seen your code we can't say the exact problem. I guess the problem is binding, if you are sure you bind the both then there is an issue with your first binded checkboxlist may be its throwing some exception in first binding time so that only may be it's terminate the result.

    Hope you got my point.

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    Hai Abhijit Patil,
    It seems that the previous check-box is not retaining and getting post back which will make the previous check-box unchecked and current check-box to be checked.
    So if you want to make multiple check-box to be checked and get the value, use the client side script to do so. Which will not make the post back and only checked event will fire and in that event you can get the records from multiple check-boxes in the checkboxlist.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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