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    What is difference between release and debug mode in .net?

    What is difference between release and debug mode in .net?
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    Hi rajesh,

    Debug : It's used to debug the application to verify that the application is working as we expected or not.

    Release : It's used to release the application, that means while we release project from one server to another we can use release mode and then generate the appropriate files. We can do the same using debug mode also but the difference between those 2 is in release mode file size and consumption is good as compare with debug.

    Hope this will helpful to you, if you have any doubts please let us know.

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    Thank u

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    Hai Rajesh,
    The main thumb rule for debug and release is:
    1. Debug mode attach the debug information to the application. So that if you have the break point attached to the application, it will break at that point when running.
    This is the reason, when the application is built using debug mode, it will be slow.
    2. Release mode doesn't keep the debug information so if there is any break-point, it will skip and the application will run without considering the break-point.
    When the application is built in release mode, it is faster.
    That's why when we develop the application, we need to keep it in debug mode to check and when we deploy, then make it built with the release mode.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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