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    What is difference between WCF vs WEB API

    My question is:
    What is difference between wcf and webapi
    when to use wcf and when to use webapi
    which one is best
    which one controls traffic best
    which one is best for security reason
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    hello man check the TUTorial may help U Better understand both


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    check this one it should help you


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    WEB API is the specialist for Restful web service.

    WCF is used for multiple purpose (Act as webservices, Remoting , messaging etc..)

    According to your requirement you can select it.
    If you are doing single web service for 1 or 2 Web application. No need for any functionalities ( Remoting , messaging ), You can go for WEBAPI.

    If multiple type or kind of application pointing same service. You can go for WCF.

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    check this out man


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    Below are the answers for your questions:
    1. What is difference between wcf and webapi?
    A. WebAPi is HTTP based while the WCF is supported by many technologies like asmx, web service etc.
    2. When to use wcf and when to use webapi?
    A. When we need to use the maximum HTTP features, we can go with Web API and we need to work with multiple protocols, we have to go with the WCF.
    3. Which one is best?
    A. Its all depends on the requirements. Web API is HTTP based so light weight but lacking in security, WCF is heavy but support many things.
    4. Which one controls traffic best?
    A. When we need to work with the Web Technologies, Mobile support etc, we have to go with the Web API.
    5. Which one is best for security reason?
    A. WCF is better for Security concerns as it comes with the Transport level as well as message level security.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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