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    Count of distinct rows in SSRS

    Hi There,

    I desinged matrix for a report. it contains outcome columns which contains count of patients for correponding doctor.I used countdictinct function to ignore if the doctor consults same patient more than one time.It shows correct count as per doctor in each row.But at the bottom of each coulmn it should display the sum of the patients as per outcome.since i used countdistincts it ignore the patient who has treated by more than one doctor.

    Here is my report result:

    D1--Consults p1 twice
    D2 --consults P1 onetime

    date doctorname 'Referred to Specialist' 'Followup Appointment' 'notavailable'
    --- D1 3 4 2(here it ignores the duplicate patinet which is correct)
    ---D2 2 3 1
    ---D3 0 0 1
    5 7 3

    How to handle this?

    If the oucome is null it will be added to not avaiulble whic i defined as group column
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    the same problem we faced in our employ salary project, in which we were having the same problem with advances, fare and holidays count for employee over year. i am sending tutorial for our list with help of c#. get the generated code for each command on button, its an application.


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