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    Can i deploye Both .NET & JAVA Application in single server

    Hi all

    we are developing 3 modules in our application. out of this 1 module developed by using .NET & 2 by JAVA. now we need to deploy all the applications in production. can we deploy all the applications(.NET & JAVA) in single server. if so what are all the points I need to note..


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    Hi Saravana,

    I didn't try this, but as per my point of view we have separate Intermediate Layers for each and every technology, ex for .net MSIL( Microsoft Intermediate Layer) same like for java also their is some built in intermediate layer is there that will take care your request and do the necessary actions.

    How you are deploying the .net / Java in server same like you need to host. After deployment Intermediate Layer will take care the execution plan.

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    Before deploy make sure all the frameworks are installed (java and .net).
    If you are doing Windows application. Do not worry.

    1. Install .Net application
    2. Install Java application
    3. If any one of your application depend on another application set up your application lever configuration.

    If you are doing Web application. You have to worry about the ports of web servers. By default IIS will use port 80. So you Java web server (apachi... etc) should not run on 80. We have to change the port and point differnt port like 8081 etc. So your application(URL) should flexible to accept any port.

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    You will be able to have both Java and .NET frameworks installed on the same machine at the same time with no problem.
    But there will be a clashes due to both listing TCP port 80 only, so to avoid this better to change port.
    checkout below links to work more on it

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