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    How to insert around 15000 records from to Oracle

    Dear All,
    I am working one of leading bank in UAE, one of my requirement is bulk salary upload(xls) through internet banking, need to insert around 15000 records application to Oracle, I am getting connection error in between. provide better approach to implement this same.

    appreciate you guys to earlier response.

    Advance Wishes!!!
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    Hi Ramesh,

    For Banking application you need to take care the performance, while inserting 15000 records you got timeout error, this is happens because the application takes more time to execute( insertion ) the program. I request you to please do code optimization through out application and then recheck it once.

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    How you are uploading. Parsing the excel and and inserting the records one by one?

    If not you can try that. If you share your code that will be easy for identify the issue.

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    Unlike SQL in Oracle there is no bulkcopy class exist as far as I know somewhere I read about OracleBulkCopy, but with the help of Array Binding, here Oracle passes the parameter arrays from .NET to the database in one go, and then repeatedly invokes the stored procedure you specify using the parameter values you specified
    check out following link for more information

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    Hi Prasad Kulkarni,
    Thank you so much for the information. The link, you provided very helpful for me.

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    I am inserting one by one, do we have option bulk insert from to oracle?

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