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    I need help regarding converting my website to ASP

    I m running my site
    I need help converting it from Wordpress to ASP ,
    Any Suggestions ?
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    Hello Weetect,

    There is not ready made tool for wordpress to ASP conversion. You must redevelop it into asp as much as i know. There is no tool developed by wordpress and microsoft.

    Nirav Lalan
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    We can not convert the wordpress to ASP directly.

    1. Get all the html code from the wordpress.
    2. Copy all the styles and scripts.
    3. Design in aspx page
    4. Implement the functionality one by one.

    Notes: For the steps 1 and 2 you will get lot of free tools in the net.

    By Nathan
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    When you want any website to be convert from one technology to another you need to take care of following things
    1. Previous technology used
    2. Scripting for validation and effects
    3. Code behind logic
    4. Data base management and transactions
    5. Layout and design
    it looks you can convert your wordpress site to but you need to work on code behind logic and HTML layout design
    try to get HTML source of your current wordpress site that can be easily reusable for, Rest deatabase can be managed easily(if applicablee)
    hope it helps

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