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    I have a problem c# - Winforms DataGridView UI does not update

    c# - Winforms DataGridView UI does not update using multi threding

    private void backgroundWorker1_DoWork(object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e)
    { PopulateXmlFiles(); }
    private void PopulateXmlFiles()
    string[] strArrFileArray = Directory.GetFiles(txtSource.Text, "*.xml");
    clsXmlFiles objXml = new clsXmlFiles();
    List<clsXmlFiles> ListXmlFiles = new List<clsXmlFiles>();
    var varFileName = "";

    foreach (string strXmlFile in strArrFileArray)
    FileInfo InfoXmlFile = new FileInfo(strXmlFile);
    varFileName = Path.GetFileName(InfoXmlFile.FullName);
    ListXmlFiles.Add(new clsXmlFiles() { XMLFileName = varFileName, Status = "Unprocessed" });
    grdXmlData.DataSource = ListXmlFiles.ToList();

    //Cross-thread operation
    //UI is not updated
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