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    Performance Issues while Processing the Excel Sheet Data

    Hi All, We are Accessing a Excel sheet using ASP.Net MVC with direct queries, Excel Sheet size is 11 MB and it contains 30K data,and using that Excel data we are generating a Report in Webpage using Bar Chart and other charts, Everything is fine with the Generating contents but because of huge amount of data we are getting performance issue and facing a huge delay so is there any way to rectify it in MVC or else Jquery because we even tried with Jquery but the result is same.

    Please some suggestions(Lights) need in this case.
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    So Sad that I dint get any response in DNS community, I think DNS becomes inactive now a days.
    Rajesh B
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    Excel and Word are unmanaged objects, they are heavy objects, when we manually open any excel file with size greater than 10MB, it rally takes time to open, where as Automation make it slower again.
    I suggest you to read that Excel file not with EXCEL object but with OLEDB object and then you can collect all data in datarow and process them accordingly.
    You can use MSCHART to draw chanting with that excel data

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    Hi Sir, Actually you are correct and one more thing that we have used one custom javascript library it caused that issue now we have removed those things and tried it own now its working fine.
    Rajesh B
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