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    Wedding Management Project

    Starting from scratch I need to make a simple webapplication on ASP.NET MVC and also I need to have an overview of sql database tables for booking a venue ,
    Guide me with how to go about it ,I basically want it to be an e-commerce website I am attaching the rough sketch of how I want the application
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    1. First you have to decide the DB. I hope you will use SQL Server

    2. You can use Entity framework. That will be use for model generation. If you are going to use Single database and multiple client you can use DB First approach. Handle the lazy loading otherwise you will face performance issue.

    3. Identify the objects those are going to involve into you project.

    4. Start Create DB and Model.

    5. Create all the required API calls.

    6. I think you decided the UI . So you can start create the UI ( Go for RAZOR one. Performance wise that is good)

    7. If you have any technical issue post here. We will help you :) .

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    My suggestion is first get KT from your Business Analyst, how the application looks like and what they need etc... and check with your client Is there any specific technology need to use while implement the project, if client won't say anything check with your Architect and decide the technology and then prepare the UI Diagrams and then design tables according to the requirements and then start to implement from master pages and then web pages.

    If you need any further assistance then please let me know.

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    Hi ,Thank you all I gave the basic layout and I am still working on it with Angular js I would like to share the UI design

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    Even this is the one that I made with HTML5 and css3 ,

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