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    Please anybody help me to get textbox value using jquery

    How to get the value of a textbox control using jquery?
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    Use below sample

    var val=$("#txtVal").Val();

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    You can use '#' selector to get textbox in JQuery
    see below snippet
    //to get value
    //to set value

    for more JQuery question I have already written an article on it can check beow link

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    you are trying to access the text box. So you have to provide the clientId or UniqueId

    $('#<%=txtEmpName.ClientID %>').val()

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    Hello Ranajoy,

    By using below code you can get the textbox value :

    var email = $("#txtEmail").val()

    By using below code you can set the textbox value :


    Hope you understand the logic. It is very simple.

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