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    How to create web service ?

    Are you looking for a way to create web service then read this thread to know more about it

    My project is "REPUTATION MEASUREMENT AND MALICIOUS FEEDBACK RATING PREVENTION IN WEB SERVICE RECOMMENDATION SYSTEMS". The main theme of my project is to prevent the malicious user by blocking the IP adders of the malicious user.Here I need to create an web site which contains admin and user and in this user first create an account and then sign in in to the website and there the user must use the recommended service in that web site and then at the end the user gave the feedback for the particular web service and then the logout from the particular website. After that admin login to the web site and collect the feedback from the users and detect the negative feed back from the feedbacks and block the IP address and then adjust the feedback.
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    1. Design the DB based on your requiement
    2. At the time for getting the feed back from the user you can capture the IP and store in the database
    3. If the admin wants he can block that IP.
    4. At the time for getting the feedback you can check the captured IP.
    5. If it is blocked one do not allow the user to write feedback.

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