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    Need concepts for 9 Yrs Exp in / Sql

    Need Interview concepts for 9 Yrs exp in ASP.Net,C# and Sql Server
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    9 Years in development is really a big stuff, people will look at you as a Project leader, you should know following concepts (technical)
    - All Basic controls (Textbox, gridview, combo, radio,repeater)
    - Use of ADO.NET like dataset, datareader, datatable, SQLconnection, command and adapter object
    - You should know when to use which control, and how to code it easily.
    - You should know Load balancing and volume data handling
    - Different deployment techniques and faster development tricks

    - Triggers
    - Cursors
    - Procedure
    - New inbuilt SQL functions
    - Encryption techniques

    additionally you should have knowledge of webservice, WCF.
    You should decide which technology is better depend upon the situation, you should be able to manage resources and can work with team, boost them on different aspect and delegate work if any resource left your team, you should complete work in given time line

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    for 9 yrs experience they may expect all the technologies (which you mentioned in resume) basics and team lead qualities, and they may stress about recently faced difficulties while implement your project. Apart from the above they may expect latest implementations in those technologies and latest skills you learned.

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    Definitely you can expect non technical questions more than technical as you may be interviewed for project lead position, few of them like
    1.The issues you faced while handling the team and project.
    2.Ability of your communication skills.
    3.The steps you take to motivate your team members.
    4.How you overcome the performance issue in your application.
    5.Advance technologies you are familiar with.
    6.You should have knowledge on design patterns.

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    Its different for different post. And also base on company.

    Normally It will be 1 or 2 Round of technical interview then HR round.

    Some companies like capgemini, HCL .. they are contacting online test as first round. Then having 1 to 2 round of technical then HR round

    Some companies may contact Telephonic round as first discussion. Then having 1 to 2 round of technical then HR round

    Basically they will ask the technical questions(Opps, MVC, and project management process( Source managment, esitmation, agile etc)

    In the management round they may ask one buzil question. But even though you did not answer the y will ask about your personal questons (Goal, Achivement, Hobies etc...

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