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    Best Way for Upload Bulk IMages to Database


    I Need suggestion from u guys... i have more than 10000 images under one folder .... Now I want to upload these images to database for particular id.... Read one by one (For example... PDF NAME 123ABC.pdf , here insert these pdf image to 123ABC id in pl/sql table) Now my question is Which is best way upload images to database .... web services or windows service or exe (Because of more thaan 10,000 images so time taken is too mush and system performance also get slow) ...... pls suggess me and give sample .............
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    As per my suggestion, Windows Service will be the better way to upload the images in bulk.As because if you want to use any Web Service it will be slow and if there is error encountered in between then, your bulk upload image process will stuck there (due to connectivity problem) and besides that web service have timeout problem.So, it is better to use Windows Service with retry mechanism.

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