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    How to extract text from documents by programming

    I want third party OCR tool which should programmatically recognize(Read/write) handwritten as well as Printed text from scanned documents .
    For this I am using C# and I want to use all commands programmatically .For this I tried for Abbey Fine reader sdk which is not easy to handle programmatically.So I then used Abbey Cloud but it gives less performance over reading handwritten characters .Please tell me anyone is having this solution.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Hello suresh.

    There are some points that I'd like to mention about text recognition. The first one is, you need to use Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) to recognize handwritten text. For printed text, the OCR would be enough.

    The other point is that the result of text recognition depends on the quality of the image. In general, to get the best results when using OCR or ICR features, it's recommended to scan your images using a high resolution (300 or 400 DPI). Also, if the scanned images contain text only, try to scan them as 1-bit black and white, because this should improve the performance and accuracy of the used OCR engine.

    The last point is, for handwritten text, it's almost impossible to get 100% correct results from ICR unless the writing is hand-printed in a very clear way.

    Here are some links which may help you:

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