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    I want interview questions for only 3 years experience

    hai all,
    i am preparing for 3 years experience to face interview in .net
    so please give me some important question and answers for 3 years experienced
    1.Net Framework
    2: C# & oops
    3: Asp.Net
    4: Sql
    5: Ajax
    6: WCF
    at last i want which programs they will ask in interviews for 3 years experienced
    for mvc little bit explanation i want easily
    any body helpme
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    I can provide you questions and answers which are asked for 3 years experience candidate. You can read from the below article link.

    The following provide you some questions which are asked in different organisations you can read in below link.

    Sridhar Thota.
    Editor: DNS Forum.

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    Refer below link here I post all the interview questions, find the answers in Google and prepare well.

    Give respect to your work, Instead of trying to impress your boss.

    Blog :

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    For any interview your basic concepts about .NET should be clear. initially they will ask you basic questions and then once you are able to answer the basic questions then they will ask you tough questions.

    Mostly they will ask you about your previous projects and the current project, What technology you have used in your projects.

    1.Net Framework : Garbage collection, components of .NET framework, GAC, class library, assemblies and types of assemblies, dll hell problem
    2: C# & oops: Inheritence, abstraction, interface, difference between interface and abstraction, encapsulation, multiple inheritence, Design patterns
    3: Asp.Net : Session management, state management, caching, web deployment methods, web page life cycle, drawbacks of state management techniques, postback, ADO.NET is very important
    4: Sql : joins (queries), self join, stored procedures, functions and their differences, indexes, improving query performance
    5: Ajax: Why ajax, what is ajax
    6: WCF: difference between web services and wcf, ABC of WCF(address, binding, contract), deployment modes supported like self-hosting, IIS, WAS(Windows Activation service), protocols supported, supported bindings, SOAP, WSDL HTTP , SSL certificates and their deployment.

    These are just few as I remember but please search online for 3+ years interview questions.

    you have to sound confident and prepare the projects you have worked on previously

    Miss. Jain
    Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in .Net

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