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    Alter defaults without effecting the tables or objects using this


    I have a default created in Programmabity -> defaults, which is used in multiple tables

    now i want to change the script of this default, SQL server is not allowing me to do that as being referred at other places. How to do it without effecting the tables or objects using this.
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    Hi Payal Jain.

    What is your requirement actually. If you change the script however the tables and objects will get effected.

    You can go to Tools menu->Options->designers and uncheck the checkboxes warn about tables effected.

    If still you think you need solution kindly provide more details regarding your issue.

    Sridhar Thota.
    Editor: DNS Forum.

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    Hi payal,

    if you want to change datatype change you can use alter statement

    for example
    ALTER TABLE [Employees]

    other key related changes or default values and identity information please refer below link:

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