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    Display multiple Images in datalist


    please explain me how to display multiple images in datalist itemtemplate .
    I am using 2 different tables 1 for details and 2 for image path for same product using PK of detail table as a FK in image table.

    Now i am using datalist to display images using different imagesfield but not display.
    please help me to solve this problem.
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    Create a storedprocedure with required fields to display in datalist.
    After you select a datasource for datalist it will ask to select datasource type, from which you select the sql database.
    It will ask to set connection string, then you select the below option.
    Specify a custom SQL statement or stored procedure.

    write the sql query or call stored procedure.

    Sridhar Thota.
    Editor: DNS Forum.

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