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    How to prepare interview with 2 years experience in dotnet

    Hi friends.......
    Give me suggestion for facing interview as experience,which type of questions asked related to projects and subjects
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    Hi srikanth,

    Preparing for interview is quite different to your work, in your work may be you did only limited part but interviewer may expect more from your side. So, be prepare in all aspects, here I gave you the list of interview questions prepare all those, I'm sure these are very helpful to you. ""

    Give respect to your work, Instead of trying to impress your boss.

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    Concentrate following questions if you want to face 2+ years experience interview.

    1.What are the access modifiers present in c#?
    2.Why we should use abstract class than a normal class?
    3.What is partial class, why do we use them?
    4.Difference between array,arraylist and generics?
    5.What is viewstate and session state?
    6.What is update panel?
    7.What are indexes ? Types of indexes?
    8.Write a query to return duplicates and count of their occurrences?
    9.Explain page life cycle?
    10.What are value types and reference types, where they are stored?
    11.What is the folder structure of your project?
    12.What is your role and module in your recent project.
    13.What are delegates? Explain with example?
    14.Difference between Response.Redirect,Server.Transfer and Response.RedirectPermanently?

    Go through below question and answers in my article with in this link.

    Sridhar Thota.
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    You need know following questions for 2+ years Questions

    1.What is OOPS?
    2.What is Dataset?
    3.What is Datatable?
    4.How many language in dotnet?
    5.How many versions in dotnet?
    6.State Management?
    7. static class?
    8.Connection string type?
    9.Regarding webconfig Settings?
    10.Page navigation?
    11. Binding Records from the database using c#?
    12.Class, objects, methods? Validation Controls?
    14. Client side and server side?
    15. Javascript validations?

    Name : Dotnet Developer-2015

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    You need know following questions for 2+ years Questions

    Sql server

    1.Create table and database?
    2.How many Joins in sql server explain?
    3. Stored procedure
    4. trigger, Functions
    5.Output parameters.
    6.Backup and restore
    7.PK and FK explain give sample
    8. Schema in sql server.
    9.DDL,DML,DCL operations in sql
    10.default character function numeric functions

    You can go through below links

    Name : Dotnet Developer-2015

    'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty.

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    For 2+ years experience you should be aware of below basic things.
    1.Garbage collector memory management.
    2.constructors and destructor.
    3.Oops concepts.
    4.why we use abstract class and why we use interfaces?
    5.Does c# supports multiple inheritance if yes how? if no why?
    6.Difference between call by value and call by reference?
    7.Normalizations and joins in sql server/
    8.statemanagement in
    9.Page life cycle and different session modes in asp,net?
    10.difference between executereader, executescalar and executenonquery.


    Sai Krishna Reddy.

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