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    How to bind Master and sub report dynamically in c# (ASP.NET)

    Hi All,

    I have done crystal report with master and sub report through ODBC connection(Directly connecting to database using SQL query). Report has around 400 pages and takes 15 mins local but when I have deployed in server it was taking hour to complete. How to increase performance here ?

    I am following different approach to overcome above issue using ADO.NET data source(Stored procedure with programmatic) using typed data set. Here for master report I have bound data source from Stored procedure but how can I bind for sub report pragmatically ?

    Each sub report need parameter from master report. I have one master and sub report, both reports needs to bind based on data.
    Please help me out to bind master and sub report using C# code using Stored procedure.
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    Hi Rajan,

    As per my understand the thread, it's take 15min to load in local obviously it should take more time to load with production data, because as compare to local we have more data in production. I request you to please get back up from production to local and test the same in local, check how much time it's taking, if it's take more time then do code optimization. Using that we can improve the performance some what.

    Refer below link ""

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