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    What is .dll file and what is the usage of .dll file?

    What is .dll file and what is its usage ,purpose and how it can be generated?
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    DLL -> Dynamic Link Library .

    We have compressed in our source code security purpose we can build the cs code .

    Start -> project -> class library project wrote the code rebuilt project we can create the dll files.

    Where we need this dll file we can use them.

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    Hi Ragavendran,

    Have you Google the Same..?

    First Go through few articles and if you have any doubts on that then let us know, with out reading any content you can't understand for sure.

    We can give 2 -3 lines of description, that is not helpful to you to understand what is .dll, when to use that, how to generate it etc...

    My suggestion is first go through any one best article then you can understand what is what.

    For overview of this, I will share you 2- 3 words about this.

    DLL: Dynamic Link Library, which holds properties, methods, classes. When you add this as a reference in referenced file you can able to call those properties, methods and classes information.

    Hope this will helpful to you...

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    I suggest you to learn the concept of assemblies in c#. As Mr.Naveen said its not easy to understand with few lines of answers posted here.

    Get the basic idea of dll(dynamic link library) and dig deep to master the concept.

    Collection of classes is called as namespace, collection of namespaces is called as assembly.
    These assemblies(dll's) contain the reusable logic which is developed in one programming language and can be used in another language while developing applications using add reference of that particular dll.

    In c# we have class library template to develop a dll file.


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    Hello Ragavendran,

    DLL - > DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library.

    DLL are same as the EXE. DLL contains number of namespaces and namespaces contains classes. In short DLL contains number of classes and methods.

    You can get more reference about DLL on below link of MSDN Library :

    Hope this will help you.

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