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    Upload a Excel sheet or pdf file in

    Hi,Developers ,
    I did upload a pdf or excelsheet in ui and i have stores that in the database.i am try to ciew the file but i am not got the exactly output now i want to open and view the particular what are the things i need to be done this work.Gine a example for me friends.

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    Hi Paul Raj,

    Refer below link this might be helpful to you. In this he is explained clearly how to upload all type of files and how to get back with simple example.

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    Blog :

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    Hello Paul Raj,

    Refer the below links :

    Hope this will work for you.

    Nirav Lalan
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    hmm Thanks for you mr.naveen thanks

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    i have done successfully by your helpful coding. but i got error in display and download the file , So friends how am view the uploaded file in c# code

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