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    How am insert mobile no with any code

    Hello Developers good afternoon,

    I want to get user details.
    while the phone number i want with his city or state or country code.
    So how i split textbox into two boxes and how to insert the given number on my db.anyone know just give me a example for me.
    Example will be like
    Contact no: textbox1 =3digit textbox2 8 digit

    try to give your best ,make it fast
    Thanks with
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    Hi Paul.

    Take cities in to dropdown, bind the value based on selection.
    Dropdownlist.selecteditem.text property and assign the relevant country code in you code.
    Take textbox which allows only ten digits for mobile number.

    Dropdownlist Textbox

    You can save in database with doropdownlist value concatenated with the textbox number.


    Sridhar Thota.

    Sridhar Thota.
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    Can you elaborate in your question.

    Mobile no Default 10 digit but you mention 8 and 3 separate so your mobile format this

    for ex: 91-9876543210 ?

    can you share your mobile no format .

    string str = "987 16543210";
    string ss = str.Split[' '];
    string ss1 = ss[0] + ss[1];

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    Thanks dear friends,,,,


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