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    Stanford NLP library to check grammar/spelling in C# code


    I am using Stanford.NLP.CoreNLP library in C# application to process english sentences with parsing the sentence and produce hierarchical tree with tag-sets used in sentences (such as NN-noun, RB-Adverb, VB-Verb etc). (Till this point, its working fine.)

    Please can someone provide me sample code in C# (using Standford NLP library) that could ..
    1) verify whether if the sentence is grammatically correct.
    2) generate a list of words from that sentence, having wrong spellings.


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    You can go through below link for NLP Library code

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    Hello Sharad Sharma,

    Refer the below links :

    You can use Link Grammer also :

    Hope this will help you.

    Nirav Lalan
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    Thanks for helping me,

    As per findings so far, Stanford's Core NLP tagger gives only break-ups of sentences as POS (Part-Of-Speech). Rest of work like, "validating grammar of those sentences and providing the suggestions" are still not available in that library or any similar library/tool/open-source.

    There are various online paid/unpaid services available, but the constraint is, that we have to pass our data (sentences) to those APIs as input and they return-back the results including suggestions after validating them.

    But I could not find any open source in C# that I can use as library with my server side code in order to validate user inputs (sentences).

    Seems this would be a "big & challenging project" itself, if we move to develop a grammar validation tool/library.

    Thanks for helping me once again.
    I will dig more into it and will share my findings.


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    Hello Sharad Sharma,

    Your word sounds good. Happy to hear you.

    Keep sharing your codes.
    We are happy to help you.

    Nirav Lalan
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